We envision a future where we cultivate tailored financial products for our partners

We aim to offer our partners access to much-needed capital. technology and credit intelligence. Our delivery of prime credit through an open architecture framework would enable scalability and growth amongst various sectors through the use of a common technology infrastructure.


Pursue embedded credit services into digitally driven business models

Prioritize transparency at every stage of the process

Building a securitisation led credit business model for enhanced customer experience and improved platform operation metrics

Seamless customer experiences through communication transparency


Agile. Simple. Intuitive

Singularity bridges the best of both worlds. It’s the technology support you want, crossed with finance expertise you need. Customize your financial service products with purpose-driven accounts that are available with a host of adjustable parameters.


We believe in co-creation

That’s the reason we have opened up our lending api and work with our partners to build custom user journeys tailor-made for their customers.

We are looking for partnerships and tie-ups. If you are a fintech or an organization doing something innovative, get in touch with us,